About 4:19

Crazy Talk 4:19 was an idea I had about a decade ago as I was jamming on Quake Online(PC) with a friend of mine. In 11/21 I decided to try and put it to animation and it was really fun. I then came up with the idea to make my 4:19 dispensary story into an animated show as well.

The idea was liked by so many and it is so fun to make, that I kept with it and as of writing this have around 88/90 shows/skits. I had my gamer friend Jeremia Faust help with the voice of Jer and he came up with an idea of One Minute skit!(s) to lead folks from 4:19 to 4:20 wherever they are. I then started creating them.

As Jer became more busy, and my wife Amanda also works very hard, I realized I had to do most voices alone. I then found Replica Studios. A Program that has Text to Speech voices and since they are new too, I wanted to use their voices and help to test them. So far it has helped a ton.

I will end the season of full 4:19 shows after 14 episodes, take a break, yet not end the One Minute skit!(s), and after a month, come back with the second season. I thank you all for taking the time and checking my shows out. They mean a lot to me and entertain me, which is the first reason I make them. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a faaaaantastic day!!!!

I try to help any companies I can that are new via commercials for experience and new artists like @stobywan on Twitter as well.