4:19 is an animated comedy about a Dispensary. Crazy Talk 4:19 is an animated Talk show.

4:19 “Cliffhanger” Season 1 Finale!!!
Don’t miss the 1st Annual 4:19 “Marijuana Legalization Telethon” featuring all kinds of acts like Bryan Stober @stobywan on Twitter.

4:19 “Summertime Fun” ft. Stoner Chicks EP 2 with Motherhood Sex Marijuana
Stoner Chicks will be a part of this weekend’s 4:19 “Action Movie”. Same Weed Time, Same Weed Channel.
Weed Patrol a One Minute skit! series.

This weekend’s episode is 4:19 “Marijuana Cove” ft. Crazy Talk 4:19 “Introducing Cin”

A scene of the Dispensary ship crew in 4:19 “The Great Hunt” ft. Crazy Talk 4:19 “Bad Neighbor”, Elevate Crate commercial 3, & music by Stobywan!!!

Don’t miss this weekend’s 4:19 Business as usual, & Crazy Talk 4:19 ft. Elevate commercial 2 & music by @stobywan(Twitter)!!!
This week’s 4:19 ft. Crazy Talk 4:19 Proprietor bought a Dispensary ship & Hired a crew. Don’t miss the awesome Elevate Crate commercial!!!
Don’t miss out what it’s like when we take a look at Apothecaries & Dispensaries throughout time if they sold Marijuana. 4:19 & Crazy Talk 4:19’s “Times”, Same Weed Time, Same Weed Channel!!!
I hope you are all ready for 4:19 “When visiting, don’t drink the water.” ft. Crazy Talk 4:19 “The Hempress Interview” as it’s usual intermission. Airing 2/5/2022
Remember, Main storylines usually blend into other shows like Weed Patrol. One of our largest so far is going on right now!

4:19 “Back to…what is normal?” This week’s 4:19 episode.
In case you haven’t noticed, I tied in the main shows, 4:19 & Crazy Talk 4:19 with more than just characters. The “Seeds” Storyline from Weed Patrol affected all. Stay tuned. Same Weed Time, Same Weed Channel! 😎
4:19 & Crazy Talk 4:19’s New Years skit can be found at the links provided here on the site.
Picture made by @stobywan on Twitter.