4:19 “Hempress” is Live!!!

Playlist to all shows/skits


Discord – https://t.co/fMuKyb9d

Welcome to 4:19. A minute away from where we all need to be. 4:19 is an animated show about a dispensary with it’s many characters and even a Dispensary space ship!!! Crazy Talk 4:19 is an animated Talk show.

There are also many One Minute skit!(s) I hope that you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. 🙂 I started in 11/21, & have left my first shows/skits up to let folks see how I’ve learned as I create more. Videos are categorized in Playlists.

My name is Michael Fenton & I created 4:19 & all of the other shows/skits with one main goal…to make folks smile or maybe even laugh, entertain, & to help other artists.

4:19 Studios LLC is moving to Cinema 4D this year!!!! ALL new Animation!!!!